Thursday, October 9, 2014

Jimmy BARNES: "Hindsight"

Rating: Comp.
Label: Mascot 2013
Review by: Urban "Wally" Wallstrom

I'm not entirely sure why I enjoy this as much as I do? It's just another compilation album? Not quite right as the ozzie legend and friends are celebrating the 30 years as the solo artist with reworking his old tunes with the help of some of the musicians he's met along the way. Jimmy Barnes is a national treasure down under and sadly not as appreciated in the rest of the world? You could probably add John Farnham to that list for that matter.

To be completely honest. I still haven't heard a single album with Cold Chisel and that's probably like cursing in Church in Australia? I do have close to most of the Barnes' solo albums though and whatdoyouknow, not a single track to be found on this comp from one of my favorite albums with the man, "Freight Train Heart". Hells bells. Jimmy co-wrote several of those tracks with Des Child, Jim Vallance, and Jonathan Cain and Neil Schon of Journey fame. The latter two are actually guest appearing on Hindsight and the tracks "Going Down Alone" and "Working Class Hero".

Other guests includes Keith Urban, Baby Animals, Tina Arena & Joe Bonamassa (Stone Cold), The Living End (Lay Down Your Guns) and Steven Van Zandt (Ride The Night Away). Add to this his family (Mahlia Barnes, Diesel) and you're in for a treat. The pipes are still intact and "Lay Down Your Guns" is (still) one helluva' tune with all that pushing and showing going on. Suze & Baby Animals does a smashing duet out of "Time Will Tell" and the same goes for Urban and "Good Times". Definitely worth the revisit since there's plenty of top notch belter vocals to be found. No worries mate. Joe Cocker down under to the rescue once again. What a little ripper!

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