Tuesday, October 7, 2014

IN FAITH: ”There’s A Storm Coming”

Rating: RRRRR

Label: Rocktopia Records 2014
Review by Kimmo Toivonen

UK-based In Faith is the collaboration of vocalist Pete Godfrey, guitarist Tony Marshall and drummer Pete Newdeck. Especially Marshall and Newdeck are quite well-known figures in the melodic rock scene, the latter as the ex-drummer of Eden’s Curse and the frontman of Tainted Nation and Marshall as the guitarist of Contagious and Vaughn and as one of the key figures of Firefest. Supergroup? I don’t know, but they’re pretty damn superb anyway!

A few people have already rolled out the superlatives in their reviews of this album, and I can’t help but join the praise brigade: ”There’s A Storm Coming” is possibly the best debut album I’ve heard in years, and definitely one of the top albums of this year.

”Radio” opens the album and it can only be described as one of the best Winger songs they never recorded. Everything about the song reminds me of Kip & Co… the flashy guitar work,  Pete Godfrey’s very Kip-like phrasing and timing, the melodies… still, as much as it reminds me of Winger, the song itself can not be accused of being a carbon copy of any particular song of theirs.

The AOR gem ”Does It Feel Like Love” offers some really fine melodies and a completely different vocal style from Godfrey, who reveals another side of his voice. The official Firefest anthem ”Church Of Rock’n’ Roll” is the only song that has been previously available from the band. When I first heard it a year ago I thought it was a good song but not necessarily anything more. Now having listened to it a few extra times, I’ve got to admit it - it’s damn catchy in a sinister, subconscious way… you never know when you catch yourself singing it. Autograph meets Winger…

The first of the ballads is called ”Where I Wanna Be”. It’s a big power ballad with massive, harmony-drenched chorus. Maybe a touch of Harem Scarem there, possibly. ”Addicted” contains a killer riff and a killer chorus, while the second balladic track ”If That’s What Love Means” has a bit of a contemporary edge with some cool, moody keyboards. The stomping ”All Or Nothing” isn’t a favorite of mine, but it’s still a pretty cool song with a Hardline vibe. ”In Flames” has another great riff and a chorus to match it. The dramatic ”A Million Ways” is another winner. ”Leave Me Alone” is the third ballad-type of a song, and clearly the weakest of the three. That doesn’t mean that it’s a turkey though, it’s nice enough.

One of the stronger tracks is saved for the last: ”Bitter End” contains another monster riff courtesy of Tony M. and another huge chorus. Elements of vintage Dokken, Harem Scarem, Winger… maybe with a touch of Scandinavian AOR somewhere in between?

Yes folks, I think we’ve got something special here. The only problem with this album is… how on earth can In Faith top it with album number two? Not that I’m asking them to… it’s enough if they release an album that’s only as good as this one!


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