Wednesday, October 22, 2014

BULLETRAIN: "Start Talking"

Rating: RRR
Label: AORheaven 2014
Review by: Urban "Wally" Wallstrom

After Bullet... here's Bulletrain. What's next? Bulletin? They are all Swedes though and they are all very true and loyal to the sound and fashion of the eighties era. Formed in the south of Sweden (Helsingborg) in 2006 and consisting of Sebastian Sundberg (vocals), Mattias Persson (guitar), Robin Bengtsson (guitar), Niklas Mansson (bass) and drummer Jonas Tillheden, the five are now finally releasing their debut album at AOR Heaven.

They have that 50/50 mix of Sleaze and Melodic Hard Rock and you may just notice similarities to previous Swede-acts such as Nasty Idols, Snakepit Rebels, and Swedish Erotica. Perhaps not quite the classic Scandi-Rock record but it feels a much more complete album than several other releases in this particular genre of rock. Nonetheless, I still believe that "Start Talking" could merely benefit from another top notch uptempo track or three in the vein of "From The Bottom Of My Heart". This is one helluva cool and catchy tune and definitely up there amongst the very best of them.

The typical but-darn-catchy power ballad, "Even With My Eyes Closed", gets you in the heart every time and it's the wicked lighters in the air moment. What? Excuse me. Nokias in the air? [kindly replace the suggested brand with your personal type of phone]. Sadly I have absolutely no idea what they're singing about on "Dicing With Death"? I believe the singer could either slow down here or work on articulation?

The album was produced by the duo RamPac (Crashdiet and Mick Mara) and mixed by Buster Odeholm and it sounds good. The decent debut and I'm sure we'll hear plenty more and better records from these guys in the future to come. Not too shabby.

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