Saturday, June 15, 2013

MEGADETH: "Super Collider"

Rating: RR
Label: Tradecraft 2013
Review by: Urban "Wally" Wallstrom

Mustaine is the born again christian (hah!) and "Super Collider" is about as menacing as your christian rock festvial. When the devil gets old, etc. etc. Drugs! We need more drugs? Actually, I do enjoy some of the previous soft metal albums by the two Dave's and company. But let's face it, there hasn't been a really great one since... 'Countdown To Extinction'. It displayed a cleaner sound with plenty of lead guitar and melody, while still supplying those grinding Mega-riffs by the dozen.

This on the other hand display a rather tired, stripped down Mustaine, going-through-the-motion. Heart and soul is replaced by mart and hole, and you know this CD is going to end up at one place or the other. He's never really been a great vocalist, but the pure energy and attitude of the man is what kept Mustaine going like a freight train in the night. Merely a shadow of the angry man on display here. The squeaky voice fit the early/angry material but he's hardly capable to sing the melodic blues. The songs rarely touch upon the class of Mega-past and the album ultimately fails due to a proper lack of strong material. There are a couple of good points and moments (The Beginning Of Sorrow, the rather catchy/glammy Burn, no?), but on the whole, "Super Collider" is super below average.



  2. dont like gave up on them after they made 'Endgame', 'Thirteen' was shit so i can't be bothered to buy this one shame they are my favourite band but i don't have too buy 'ALL' of their record!!