Saturday, June 22, 2013


Rating: RRR
Label: PrescriptionPR/Sound Pratices 2013
Review by: Urban "Wally" Wallstrom

Are you fed up waiting for your favorite act to release their brand new record? Has it been... 2, 3, 4 years already? Pathetic. You're all pathetic! The poor (and by now mostly dead of old age) fanbase of Fuchsia are literally pissing themselves after nearly 42 years!! That's right... it's merely been four decades since last they could sit back, relax, and enjoy some new music.

Christ oh mighty. Imagine all the music styles and sound technology created and invented ever since and then just as quickly remove the thought out of yer head. Why? Simply because "II" sound like it was still the very early seventies or the late sixties for that matter. FUCHSIA is the cult U.K. progressive folk rock act which debut album was recently listed in Mojo as the forgotten classic? Progressive only up to a certain point in time as they've hardly "progressed" during the last four decades. I'm not taking the piss though (sort of but not really), since it's a mighty decent, laid-back, prog-folk-rock album with plenty of fantasy and psychedelia influences.

The songs by band leader Tony Durant (Vocals/Guitar) are definitely the result and children of the original psychedlic prog/folk rock revolution. Durant really sounds as if he's enjoying life and the vocals are sort of typical for its era. Softly spoken at times and rather dramatic laid-back the other. He's definitely not the shouter and a song like, "Crossing The Big C", could have been the work of George Harrison during the same period (1970-73). Otherwise true to the old guard and contemporaries such as Jade. Look no further if you're into laid-back folk/prog of the very early seventies...

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