Thursday, June 6, 2013

JORN - "Traveller"


Frontiers Records 2013

 Review By Alan Holloway

It's metal time again as Norway's Dio worshipping superstar unleashed another album of thundering riffs and powerful vocals. Mr Lande has a pretty solid history in the metal genre and is deservedly respected for his talent and passion. So why don't I love this? Hmmmmm...

Having owned and reviewed several other Jorn albums I am getting to the point where I could review one without actually having to put it on, so fixed is he to his template. Certainly, there's some strong songs here, notably opener "Overload" and the upbeat "Widow Maker". Unsurprisingly there's a couple if Dio referencers in the lumpen, self explanatory "Cancer Demon" and album closer "The man Who Would Be King" which calls our man "The Jesus of heavy metal" and made me squirt tea out of my nose the first time I heard it. Oh, and it's not very good, either, another slow, grinding track that isn't a patch on Jorn's previous Dio tribute"Song For Ronnie James".

In essence, Jorn has the same trouble as his diminutive (sorry, that word has to be used in any feature or review that mentions Dio - it's journalistic law) hero, in that when he gets a wriggle on he's bloody good, but the slower songs are like swimming in treacle at times. If this aspect of Jorn doesn't worry you then you will probably be more impressed by "Traveller" than me. Even so, there is nothing here that brings anything to teh table that wasn't already there, and it's due to the strong songs and faultless performances that this has managed to get the 3 Rs. Even so, this will probably be the last time I listen to it.

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