Saturday, June 15, 2013

BLACK STAR RIDERS: "All Hell Breaks Loose"

Rating: RR
Label: Nuclear Blast 2013
Review by: Urban "Wally" Wallstrom

Thank God! The royal tw@s finally decided to drop the in my opinion disrespectful name of Thin Lizzy. I can't believe that anyone would let them tour all those years without the proper legend among their ranks (R.I.P. Phil). I can't imagine Motorhead w/o Lemmy or Whitesnake w/o Coverdale either for that matter. The yearly tribute show or whatever, fine. But to have these bozos tour for a decade as Thin Lizzy, unbelievable. By the way, they didn't exactly drop the name. I believe they finally had to change it for legal reason.

I really do enjoy the guitar interaction. Twin-guitar work of highest order and the sound of Lizzy is obviously present throughout the album. But again, the songs are overall truly average, like any half decent pub copycat act. A couple of really superb tracks inbetween the stinkers and the musicians are obviously all top class. But hey, Gorham (and Sykes for that matter), I'd rather have another 21 Guns and Blue Murder album any day of the week, thanks. Weird monicker though since that's exactly what these guys' been doing for the past decade. Riding the fame of a Black Star...

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