Tuesday, June 18, 2013

GERRY LAFFY: "Just A Little Blurred" vs. GIRL: "Live"

Rating: RRR
Label: Die Laughing Records 2013
Review by: Urban "Wally" Wallstrom 

Two for a fiver! Two for a fiver? Awww... it's a nice bargain no matter what. The former GIRL (now a man) guitarist Gerry Laffy offer his latest solo record "Just A Little Blurred", plus the previously unreleased 'Live At The Greyhound Fulham/London 1982' live album with the U.K. cult Glam rockers. Indeed, Laffy was a founding member of the band GIRL (along with his brother Simon) they put out two albums (Sheer Greed 1980 and Wasted Youth 1982) and yeah, the band featured Phil Collen (pre- Def Leppard) and Phil Lewis (LA Guns).

"Just A Little Blurred" (Die Laughing Records) takes the listener on a rollercoaster ride with several ups and downs and eventually a sudden stop at the re-recording of 'My Number'. Do however not expect the material to be all glammy and retro though since it's quite the eclectic mixture of rock, pop, and metal bop. Stylistically speaking it's everything from Bryan Ferry (Roxy Music), The Pretenders of "Karmic Gangster" (possibly even Bowie schlock) to smooth melodic rock (Love) and the instrumental piece. Hardly any booming tracks and the album came about while waiting for go into hospital. Laffy bought a Fostex MR16 track machine and electric drums to kill some time. Made by hand in other words. Written and recorded alone at home and sort of inspired by the visit of a major Girl fan.

The GIRL live album is boot-ish, very raw and honest. The lads bring out all the noise, great inbetween banter, and spanking hard music. "Big Night Out", the traditional fun opener and party starter gets the crowd going and it's all a jolly good time. The vocals of Phil Lewis hits ya' right between the eyes and it's very raw and punky somehow? "Overnight Angels", "Ice In The Blood", "My Number", "Naughty Boy", etc. are criminally underrated numbers. I could do without the lame old sixties stomp of "Nutbush City Limits" though. Have a go at this double feature at the facebook page (link below) and don't forget to check out the paintings and work of the ART-ist Gerry Laffy
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