Tuesday, January 15, 2013

STRATOVARIUS: "Unbreakable"

Rating: EP
Label: Edel/ear-music 2013
Review by: Urban "Wally" Wallstrom

"Unbreakable" - might just come across as fragile at first spin? It's a far cry from their rather complex metal arrangement of the past which included progressive, neo-classical, guitar work of the highest order. This is poppy and sugar-sweet metal with a refrain that sort of reek of commercial pop, the six-string barely comes alive during the bridge/break and the following solo... hang on a minute... where's the solo?

Shocking news to any Stratovarius and metal fan? They've somehow decided against the six-string-solo part, since I can't for the world type down the break and merely a couple of notes as the proper guitar solo? No biggie, you say? Perhaps not... and let's hope the upcoming album entitled "Nemesis" will feature more, louder, guitars, and bigger, better, metal tracks. It's really not a poor song, "Unbreakable", perhaps just not the great Stratovarius material. Catchy, poppy, the cheeky attempt at finding that special hit?

The remaining 4 tracks on the EP are all from the previous four albums. Falling Stars (Polaris), The Game Never Ends (Elysium), Freedom (Infinite), Why Are We Here (Intermission). Neat. But, let's wait for the movie... ehem, the album.

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