Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Gerald KRAMPL: "Wonder Why"

Rating: RR
Label: IndigoMusic 2013
Review by: Urban "Wally" Wallstrom

I'm not entirelly sure why... but I'm really starting to grow fond of several parts and segments of the instrumental piano music by Gerald Krampl. The compositions are meditative, solitaire, minimalistic, and thoughtworthy. Clearly not the remarkable, sensational, bombastic? work of the perfect genius such as the late and great Mr. Mozart. Rock me Amadeus? But in reality, the posh classical reviewer would probably not bother too much with his latest album, "Wonder Way".

It's more towards the ambient and dreamy new-age concept anyhow. The soundtrack for a weary mind and the enlisting of classical musician Peter Sagaischek (Vienna Volksopern Orchestra) merely add the natural plain sound of the viola and violin. Modern day chamber music or if you prefer the hotel elevator and lobby description? It's the introspective /reflective piano journey consisting of various moments from daily life and all set to music. Krampl hail from Vienna/Austria and started early by being trained in classical piano and music theory. Various Prog-bands in the 70s/80s (Kyrie Eleison and Indigo) before making the full transition to new age.

You can't go wrong here, if you enjoy the sound the silence, spiritual and meditative music. However, it's all too quite and neat for my personal taste.

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