Friday, January 11, 2013


Rating: RRR
Label: PerscriptionPR/Indie 2013
Review by: Urban "Wally" Wallstrom

David Bronson is a free spirit from New York, US of A, and his 'Story' goes through a lot of different kind of structure and emotion. Bronson mostly explore his seventies music influences which include everything from singer/songwriters (Cat Stevens, Jackson Browne) to former Beatles rock (George Harrison) and merely the hint of lite progressive rock such as Gentle Giant. Add a healthy dose of experimental indie rock such as Beck and you're sort of close to the core.

It's quite the trippy and dreamlike folk/prog album where the music serve as your trustworthy companion on a journey through time and space. It's however not always clear what Bronson are trying to achive and just as importantly tell us with his stories of "The Turns", "Times", or "Us". Lyrically, Story is more or less reflecting the process and struggle of the child becoming a man?, and it's almost like you're listening to a poor man's version of Cat Stevens. Not that "Wild World" would ever come across as best-lyric-ever for that matter.

Towards the middle-part ending of the album, Gerald Manke comes into the equation with his pedal-steel, and the soft voice of Maria Neckham, adds yet another dimension to the music. Very Jackson Browne and alternative country twang. Hardly any groundbreaking music on display here, but those of us who align ourselves with this sort of open-minded genre may still find Bronson's Story to be quite a teller.

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