Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Emergency Gate: "You"

Rating: RR
Label: GoldenCore Records/ZYX Music 2013
Review by Kimmo Toivonen

Such a shame. Emergency Gate are obviously a band with talent and good ideas, but for some reason they've chosen to ruin their melodic metal sound with hardcore vocals. That's one idea that doesn't work for me at all... Maybe it gives them credibility among the metal community, but I'd rather listen to these songs as instrumentals than with someone screaming his guts out. Some of the songs and choruses feature actual singing, suggesting that Matthias Kupka can sing too, he just chooses not to.

When it comes to the music, Emergency Gate would deserve a better rating, since the songs have plenty of cool hooks and interesting arrangements. Their sound has suprising echoes of Kamelot, Edguy, Rammstein and even Therapy? in it, which makes it rather interesting. To name a couple of highlights, "Back From The Grave" and "Breathless" are both fine songs and Kupka keeps his obsession to scream mostly in check during them. There are a few others which would probably sound just as good, if they were sung instead of screamed.

So, a strong 3 R's for the music, one R for the constant screaming - that's two for the whole package. Sorry.

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