Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Rating: RRR
Label: State Of Salazar 2012
Review by Kimmo Toivonen

If you thought that Work Of Art were Sweden's official answer to Toto, you might think again after listening to State Of Salazar. This bunch revisits several eras of Toto, and make a quick detour in Chicago as well. Smooth AOR is the name of the game, and if this west coast style is your kind of music, you're in for a treat. The performances and the production are superb, and the songs are first class soft rockers.

I'll admit that i am not that big a west coast fan, so the horns of "when heroes fall" or the jazzy vibe of "The blind man" do not really hit the bullseye with me, but they'll make die-hard Fans of the genre very happy I guess. In fact, I'm a bit worried about the band's direction. My absolute favourite tracks of the 7-track EP are "only" bonustracks. If that means that the band doesn't rate the slightly harder-edged "I Believe In You" and "Adrianne" that highly, there's always the danger of them going all soft and wimpy. I kind of wish that it won't happen. The R in AOR stands for Rock after all...

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