Friday, August 17, 2012

DIAMONDOG: "Faithful Unto Death"

Rating: R
Label: Liljegren/Doolittle 2012
Review by: Urban "Wally" Wallstrom

Who let the dog(s) out? According to the press release, one of the most promising rock bands in the Norwegian music scene after more than a decade of hard efforts. Really? That would clearly be just as big a lie as if any Swede would be daft enough to analyze the requirements of their given situation and later proclaim Takida as the best rock band in the Swedish music scene. Christ oh mighty, they're like a watered down version of any third rate U.S. rock band as of present. Totally bland and uninspiring.

"Faithful Unto Death" is in fact a re-release of Diamondog's third album "Kill Me", since they've now signed an agreement with Swedish Doolittle Group for a worldwide release. Two songs (Messed Up, Keep Me Safe) are however not included in the new edition as they've been replaced with "Let The Fight Begin" and "Soak It In". It's merely a shame though they never got around to replace the rest of the tracks along with their entire band. Nah, that's a bit harsh, the musicians are okay.

The music? It's like if you're watching a car crash accident in slow-motion and bits and pieces of various sever bodyparts are flying across the screen. You're simply trying to duck and cover as the strange Foo Fighter vs. Takida vs. Motorhead vs. Hoobastank vs. Linkin Park song gets in your way. Two keepers though, the catchy tune of "Let It Show" and the fine ballad of, "Don't You Die". Norway, if Diamondog is the most promising hardrock act you can produce as of today. Simply don't and focus on producing more of the great A-HA pop, etc. Then again, ignore the lack of songs, original ideas, and overall content, and end up mighty pleased with a brand new coaster?

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