Monday, August 27, 2012


Rating: RR
Label: Century Media 2012
Review by Kimmo Toivonen

"Blood" is the fourth album from In This Moment. I've only heard the second album "The Dream" before this one, and based on that I was hoping that "Blood" would be something similar. It isn't. The band has toughened up their sound, vocalist Maria Brink has concentrated on a more screamy delivery and the melodies have given way to aggression. This might give them more credibility among the metal and hardcore fans but for those of us who enjoyed their melodic side it's rather bad news.

There are a couple of tracks that deserve to be mentioned; "From The Ashes" is the kind of melodic yet powerful track I was hoping there would be more on this album and "11:11" features an outstanding, raw and emotional vocal from Maria Brink. A few of the others have some enjoyable moments, but otherwise, no... whatever "-core" this is, it's not for me.

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