Thursday, August 2, 2012


Rating: RR
Label: Humbucker/MusicBuyMail 2012
Review by Kimmo Toivonen

Having recorded this album in a good studio with a skilled producer and arranger Thomas Wang and having it mixed and mastered by 80'ies' hit producer Beau Hill proves that Hambucker has faith in their music. And the album does sound pretty decent, I give 'em that. But when it comes to the song material, maybe they should have hired a song doctor or two to help out too. What you'll get is 10 tracks of meat'n potato hard rock with very little in the vein of memorable hooks or orginal ideas.

"There Will Never Be Another" gets my vote as the best track of the album, because after 4 and half minutes of boring bluesy balladering the band seems to get a sudden injection of energy and gets into a cool G'N'R-like groove and manages to impress for a little while. As for the rest of the songs, you'll get your Aerosmithy swagger, recycled AccaDacca-riffs and more... not much you'd remember later on though.


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