Thursday, August 23, 2012

BONAFIDE: "Ultimate Rebel"

Rating: RRR
Label: Rootsy 2012
Review by: Urban "Wally" Wallstrom

Husky barbwire vocals, check. Pub rock guitar riffs in the vein of acca dacca, check. Worst CD artcover of the year, check. Well, alright then fellows, let's go! The Ultimate Rebel - according to Sweden's Bonafide the disturbing image of a person wearing a wrestling/gimp mask? There's a picture perfect aka kodak moment if ever for the kiddies. The rebel is either the deranged man who likes to wrestle other men for a living or the pervo at your neighbours basement (who's who?). Cleary not my definition of the ultimate rebel, but hey, what ever thickle your fancy.

The best and easiest way out to try and describe this CD would clearly be AC/DC-ish, since it's international and darn popular. However, the nerdy expert and die-hard fan of Swedish hard rock and metal may also recall the Tornado Babies group of the early nineties. Delirious anyone? Energic rock with a proper belter of a vocalist and the ten tracks of raw music recorded during a week or less. And what about Reptile Smile?

Nontheless, Bonafide have an obvious AC/DC influence, but they also give off a feel more like Tornado Babies meet the Backyard Babies, if this make sense? They probably won't have the instant hit appeal and credibility of other bands playing the three/four chords circus, but I reckon it's one of the better albums of its style and genre so far in twenty twelve. It's noisy, loud, and jam-packed with decent sing-a-long melodies that obviously would go hand in hand with a beer or two. The twin-guitar work may at times also remind you of the stuff that Scorpions did during the early/mid eighties. "Blue Skies Red" is more of a rhythmic marcher than aussie rock, and makes for a nice change with bulky riffs and hooky melody. Kinda Neat.

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