Friday, August 24, 2012

SNEW: "What's It To Ya"

Rating: RRRR
Label: SnewYouRecords 2012
Review by: Urban "Wally" Wallstrom

The lads of Snew have recorded their third and best album so far. It's loud, primal, in your face, sleaze/hardrock from the US of A and the band has taken a huge step towards world domination. Produced by Bobby Owsinski, a pioneer in surround sound music mixing whose production credits include projects for Elvis, Jimi Hendrix, Neil Young and Chicago. Recorded and mixed by Ken Scott who has recorded many of rock's seminal albums, including Beatles White album, David Bowie's Ziggy Stardust and Supertramp's Crime Of The Century.

Yep, Snew are definitely ready for the next level and new bassist Willie Basse of classic metal pioneers Black Sheep fame (which also featured a certain vocalist by the name of Lou Gramm), fits right in with the rest of the band. Having gained a loyal following for their raw, electrified monster rock, "What's It To Ya" sits nicely inbetween the New York rock of The Dictators, MC5, Twisted Sister (their debut album only) and the standard AC/DC and unfortunately some of the Jackyl too.

However, I'm happy to report that "What's It To Ya" is overall more towards the classic sound of The Dictators and good old biker metal. Curtis Don Vito howls like a madman on top the tunes and they may still look like the rejects from a Spinal Tap movie. However, you can't deny the sheer power and attitude of the band and their songs. "Clever Girl", such a clever little tune, 'Handsome' Dick Manitoba surely must be proud of the lads. In fact, almost every tune from the opening "Release The Beast" to the closing of "All Over You", gets you by the throat and refuses to let go.

Snew are all those things that most of our current hard rock and metal acts seem to have completely forgotten about, loud, obnoxious, dirty, vicious and mean. I believe it's time for the summer rock festivals in Europe to give the lads a call for next season, yeah? no? Recommended.
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