Friday, October 4, 2019

MOTORHEAD: "Overkill"

Rating: RRRR 
Label: BMG 
Review by Martien Koolen 

This is the 40th anniversary edition of the classic Motorhead album 'Overkill'; their second studio album was released on 24 March 1979. This great album featured classic Motorhead songs like: "Stay Clean", "Capricorn", "No Class", "Metroplis" and of course the notorious title track. All the songs on "Overkill" were composed by the three original Motorheaders, being: Lemmy Kilmister, Fast Eddie Clarke and Phil Philthy Animal Taylor. Besides the original Motorhead album you can also enjoy a live album recorded at Aylesbury Friars on 31 March 1979. Sadly the sound of the live album is a bit shallow at certain points but the Motorhead energy takes you through this and makes you forget the rather hollow sound of certain tracks. This live album features 17 tracks with a playing time of over 75 minutes, so you get your money's worth!! Killer tracks on this live recording are "Overkill", "No Class", "Iron Horse", "Metropolis" and of course the last track called "Motorhead". Listening to the second studio album of Motorhead again makes me realise how good and powerful these three guys were; so this anniversay album is a must for Lemmy fans all over the world and play it f... LOUD, if you can!!!

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