Friday, April 3, 2015


Rating: RR

Label: AOR Heaven 2015
Review by Kimmo Toivonen

This is a surprising release from the AOR Heaven label. Windsor Drive sound like a major label band, with a very polished pop sound… unfortunately that also means that their music doesn’t have much of a rock edge, not even of the Adult Oriented kind. I could imagine that they could appeal to the audiences of Coldplay, Sunrise Avenue and the likes, but whether AOR Heaven can reach those remains to be seen. Some of the AOR fans will probably enjoy them, but for some they are way too lightweight and modern-sounding.

As for me, I’m afraid this isn’t my cup of tea. Some of the tracks are perfectly likable pop-rock, take the opening track ”Going Under” or ”Skin To Skin” for example, but then again, some of them are not… There’s plenty of eerie pop ballads which try hard to put me to sleep, a Maroon 5-like pop track (”Wish Me Well”) which just annoys me and some tracks which are way too synthetic sounding for my taste. The fragile, sensitive and oh-so-emotional vocal style of Kipp Wilde doesn’t work for me… I mean, the guy sounds like he’s about to burst into tears in every song?! Maybe the girls dig it. I suppose there’s not much of a party atmosphere at the band’s gigs, more like collective weeping…

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