Friday, April 10, 2015

SECRET OF BORIS – ‘Your Ghost’

Rating: RRRr

Label: Cabo records

 Review By: Alan Holloway

You have to wonder where some bands dig up their names, with Secret Of Boris managing to pick one that is unlikely to do them any favours with the casual listener. Hailing From Dallas, ‘Your Ghost’ is their debut album, and as soon as it starts it’s clear that behind the odd name is a pretty good album.

Secret of Boris are one of those bands that won’t fit easily into a pigeonhole, flitting about and refusing to chuck out twelve tracks that trundle into each other like so many other new bands are happy to do. Vocalist Cameron Taylor has what I can only describe as a ‘melodic shout’, which means he has power but without sacrificing tunefulness, much like Chad Kroeger used to do when Nickelback were half decent. Song wise, there’s a definite 90s feel in places, and makes me think of when bands started to experiment with synthesizers and guitars, stuffing pop and rock together but in a ball busting way that culminated in Linkin Park’s ‘Hybrid Theory’ album. I suppose if you take early LP and Early Nickelback and smush them together you’ll have some idea of what Secret of Boris come over like, though be sure to remember that both bands started off very well indeed.

‘Your Ghost’ is an album of layers, and beneath the more immediate shouty melody lies a few tracks that you can really get into, not least the title track that closes the album. The more immediate tracks, like the catchy and powerful ‘What have You Done-‘, or opener ‘Virus’ will really liven up anyone’s listening day, delivering good, old school powerful tuneage. Overall, whilst this may have been better served as a ten rather than twelve track album, but there’s no poor songs and no reason not to check them out. 

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