Tuesday, April 21, 2015


Rating: EP
Label: PlaygroundMusic 2015
Review by: Urban "Wally" Wallstrom

The 6-piece (2 female, 4 male) of Hurricane Love are currently recording the sort of stuff that mainstream dreams are made of. Because, let's face it. Their debut label 5-track EP is as melodic and radio friendly as they come in this digital era. There's no savage white suburban aggression or frustration to be found on this record. Let's not forget to take into account that we're talking about Sweden here. These guys are more likely to have been pampered to death than being exposed to drive-by shooting and the daily struggle of trying to stay alive in the streets.

... And I actually prefer the softer side of the band (Paradise, You Are The Sun, Only Human) instead of the half-decent uproar and slightly rebellious side of "Blind, Deaf and Dumb". The first mentioned tracks are all top notch and have the sophisticated sound of Mumford & Sons and Coldplay going on at full volume as well as their own 'Swedish Sound'. The only downside when you draw influence from the likes of Mumford & Sons and Coldplay in the year of 2015? There's literally hundreds of similar acts in your very own backyard and neighbourhood. These guys are perhaps no originals or breaking any new ground so to speak. But the songs are darn catchy and should attract hordes of Internet followers.

Opening track as well as first single, "Free Ticket", the nice but rather repetitive song. They could/should include more lyric and words to the refrain in my humble opinion. The mix of female/male vocals is however the winning concept for Hurricane Love and Nina or Johanna? might just remind you of Pink (the singer and not the colour). One thing's for sure, the tracks of 'Paradise', 'You Are The Sun', 'Only Human'. -World class arena pop/rock!

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