Monday, April 20, 2015

RUTHLESS: "They Rise"

Rating: RR
Label: Pure Steel Records 2015
Review by: Urban "Wally" Wallstrom

They Rise, they fall, they crash, only to rise again? Only time will tell. Ruthless started out as the pure U.S. L.A. Heavy Metal act in 1982 and recorded two underground releases (the 1984 EP 'Metal Without Mercy' and their LP debut 'Discipline of Steel' in 1986) before falling off the edge of the world never to be heard from again. Well hold on to your hats kiddies as obscurity strikes back on their comeback album "They Rise".

Never really in the spotlight as well as the limelight in the past, the future might just hold great expectations? They've clearly managed to crawl back up from the bottom and to the surface only to disappear once again? "Hangman" is an pretty awesome song though. Fast paced with a slower chorus and quite powerful in the old school of Heavy Metal. The epic sounding "Systematic Terror", and its gang vocals, another home run for the Ruthless guys. It's really not the crap record, it's just so been there, done that, and we've read the book and seen the movie way too many times already. Ruthless, not completely pointless?

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