Thursday, April 16, 2015

ARSENIC UNBIRTHDAY: "Ravens and Writing Desks"

Rating: EP
Label: Epictronic 2015
Review by: Urban "Wally" Wallstrom

Arsenic Unbirthday (huh? un-what?) is a poisonous alternative (Goth-ish) rock band and 4-piece from Cagliari, Italy. Formed some years ago by guitarist Nick Farlight and vocalist Mary Red Mallow, they went through several lineup changes and names up until the arrival of their 5-track debut EP. Armed with the benefit of countless experiences abroad with some world-renowned artists, and many side projects, they recording a demo in the well-known Death Island Studios in Denmark. They are now signed to Epictronic and their debut effort display great promise and potential without fulfilling all your expectations.

What saves the EP from being average is that they do this very well coming over as a cross between Evanescence (The Open Door) and independent rock/pop. Their lively front woman Mary Red Mallow likes to mix things up by switching from metal to independent rock vocals in no time. It's a bit weird at times I guess but in the context of the songs it works like a charm. It's big drama and atmospheric keyboards are only to be expected as they blend electro rock/pop (Sparklet) with the more direct metal/rock sound of "Unnecessary Pain". Nothing earth shattering, but a solid effort from the new act. They may still lack that extra special and top notch song material. It's a rather special variant of music though and quite the poisonous act.

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