Tuesday, January 28, 2014

VITAL SCIENCE – “Imaginations On the Subject Of Infinity”

Label: Power prog
Review By: Alan Holloway

An Estonian and Latvian collaboration, Vital Science’s members have come from the bands Distant Light and Shadow Cry, with this preposterously titled album kicking off the new band’s career. Unsurprisingly, it’s Prog, but definitely not the wimpy kind – Vital Science are power prog (and are on the Power Prog label, appropriately) and proud of it.

After the obligatory mood setting (and, as usual, rather pointless) short intro, “IOTSOI” chugs away like a guitar driven train, throwing up nine tracks that certainly remind me of early Dream Theatre or Symphony X. The instrumental sections of the songs are handled very well, with neat, intricate guitar trading off with keyboards and wandering all over the place without getting dull. The songs are all of a decent length, but none outstay their welcome, clocking in between 5 and seven minutes at the most. My main problem with the band is vocalist Alexy Boyykov, partly because he hasn’t got the most tuneful voice and partly because I can hardly understand a word he is singing (I am pretty sure it’s in English).

“IOTSOI” has gained plenty of good reviews, and it definitely shows a bunch of talented musicians hard at work. I can’t get into it as much as I’d like due to the vocals, but this is by no means the majority view. I suggest you listen to the track at YOUTUBE and not here (Alan) and if you like it then there’s a high chance you will like the whole album

Vital Science (Facebook)

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