Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Neil DANIELS: "High Stakes & Dangerous Men - The UFO Story" book

Publisher: Soundcheck Books
Review by The Bailey Brothers

Another skilfully researched and executed book by prolific rock journalist Neil Daniels. This time the subject is UFO who the Bailey Brothers have loved right back from the classic Schenker era. It’s a rollercoaster journey spanning over four decades and captures the highs and lows of one of Britain’s best loved and icon rock bands. The only thing lacking is current interviews with founder members Phil Mogg & Pete Way. Although they make the headlines for their off stage booze n drugs antics, everyone who has contributed to this book is in total agreement that them and other members of UFO have written some outstanding rock anthems.

Stories of Mogg falling off the stage and Schenker not turning up for gigs is nothing new but did you know Mogg had to sign on the dole in the 80’s as he was that broke? Or that John Norum (Europe) almost joined UFO? This is an honest book that not only plays homage to those who played in UFO but also those that nearly did.

Another key factor in UFO being relevant today is the bands willingness to graft; they have toured the world and back and fans have stayed loyal, although they should have been up there with the giants of rock as their history, discography and contribution is immense. I would have preferred a few more interviews and stories than reviews of albums gone by but the info collated is very impressive. Like many fans we would love to see Pete Way still up there with the band and we wish him well, he’s a really nice guy. UFO may have hit “Rock Bottom” from time to time but they have bounced back and still are a class act. This book chronicles their journey very well.

In years to come books like these from Daniels will become I’m sure the place to go for detailed information on the rock Genre and although internet is king you can’t beat a good book and this is one of them

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