Thursday, January 16, 2014

SIDEBURN: "Electrify"

Rating: RR
Label: AOR/Metal Heaven 2013
Review by: Urban "Wally" Wallstrom

Standard pub rockers with a strange appetite for the obvious or the unsung heroes of Switzerland? Sideburn are still trying to break through to the other side after spending the 20 plus year in the shadows of Krokus and basically any other act inspired by Acca Dacca. They have been recording album after album in the same old hard rock template, basic 3, 4 chords and standard arrangements in the vein of AC/DC and Rose Tattoo. The arrival of three young and beer talented new members in January 2012, did absolutely nothing to their overall sound, which sadly lack the finesse of Krokus as they actually managed to inject their own sound to all those fine melodies 'ala Young/Young (Metal Rendez Vous - friggin' classic album).

Opening track, "Bite the Bullet", pretty much set the pace and bog average standard of the entire album. I honestly thought they sang, "Bite The Booty," at first (that's a bit harsh?), but, (heh, butt), it's merely the singing accent of Pierrehumbert and co. I could definitely see the Sideburns' going down just fine at your local zoo, ehem, bar, while drinking your piss warm stella or whatever. They are probably at their best on stage.

They are completely different animals on record though. Their compositions are kind of broken, very tame, and far off the promising target of Electrify. Mastered by 80s soft-rock producer Beau Hill? Strange choice considering its basic sound and production. Have a go at this if you simply need everything in the style of Acca Dacca and Rose Tattoo with just a splash of CCR (Travellin' Man).

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