Monday, January 20, 2014

THE BREW: "Control"

Label: Jazzhaous Records
Review By: Alan Holloway

Before you even listen to their fourth album, you have to admire The Brew, at least a little bit. The thing is, the album is called "Control" and the songs are as follows: Repeat, Eject, Mute, Pause, Shuffle, Fast Forward, Skip, Stop, Play and Rewind. This is a charmingly ambitious thing to do, especially when the titles accurately suit the songs concerned, so well done to The Brew, and double well done for making such a great album to go along with the idea.

The Brew are another young British band, waiting for their chance to take the world by storm. "Control" is a very powerful album, full of massive chords and soaring vocals, not a million miles away from BlackWolf, 2014's other early 'Best Album' contender. The Brew are all about mixing powerhouse riffs and electric pacing, coming over like Led Zeppelin as recorded by The Virginmarys, Wolfmother and (at least on "Shuffle") U2 when they used to be good. It's a melting pot of influences, but what really comes through is the sheer power of the whole thing. This is heavy rock for people who like to bounce around with a beer in one hand and a devil sign in the other, banging their heads to something that is equal parts melody and power.

Kudos have to go to Jason Barwick, who not only provides the huge vocals throughout, but also lays down some excellent lead guitar. Bassist Tim Smith and Drummer Kurtis Smith make up the band, and the end result is another trio that make enough noise for twice that number. With "Control" and the debut from BlackWolf I have to say that this week has renewed my faith in the UK's ability to produce proper kick ass heavy rock bands. Take a listen to the single "Repeat" below the review - if you like it then you owe it to yourself to buy this album when it's released in February. 

 Official Website: The Brew

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