Saturday, February 23, 2013

SUNCROWN: "Follow Your Dream"

Rating: RRRR
Label: TwoSideMoon 2013
Review by: Urban "Wally" Wallstrom

Patchwork quilt... what better way to describe Suncrown than as a piece of patchwork? The group's members have never actually met in person, only virtually over the internet and it's probably for the best, since they're literally based all over the place. USA native vocalist Darren Crisp and keyboardist Oleg Biblyi of Ukraine - the first to bond in mid 2011. They found a bunch of musicians online who shared their love for melodic epic/symphonic metal.

I'm not entirelly sure if you could call it a band since it's rather a project? But whatever. They found no less than six of them all around the world: Julian Furiani (vocals/Brazil), Kevin Ellerby (guitar/USA), Gustavo Bonfa (guitar/Brazil), Ugur Kerem Cerniloglu (Flute/Turkey), Ederson Prado (bass/Brazil) and Tim Zuidberg (drums/Holland).

Seriously mid-paced metal that tries to keep up with the best of projects, then surprises you by coming pretty close. Crisp is the consummate American metal head. Strong, slightly raspy vocals and for the most part it's a great combination. The soaring voice of Juliana works more towards the tradition of Tarja and Goth without getting into the worst operatic side of things.

It's true Suncrown's melodic symphonic mayhem isn't breaking any boundaries, but when they bring out all of their instruments and swap vocal duties, you're left feeling pretty satisfied as they ecourage you to "Follow Your Dreams". The epical arrangements and highly intense and tracks such as "Eyes Of The World" or the smashing title track are simply flawless. Recommended.

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