Saturday, February 23, 2013

REQUINOX: "Through The Eyes Of The Dead"

Rating: R
Label: TwoSideMoon/OneNightStand 2013
Review by: Urban "Wally" Wallstrom

Some singers owe their reputation to massive excess of booze and drugs. Some others due to extravagant life style and image. The majority of them are however either good, bad, or just plain ugly. Kenneth 'King Rock' Fjeldstand shall however be the first to fall under all the above mentioned categories. At times spot on and quite the forceful metal vocalist. Most of the time it's the painful listening experience as he stumbles across and around the place/record like poor Ozzy on LSD.

People including yours truly may say it sucks, but at least it sucks honestly. Sadly the vocal performances as well as music and lyric of tracks such as "Jackie The Stripper" and "Dance Of The Dragon" will probably go down in history as best/worst example of accidential metal comic performed by comedians... ehh, musicians. Musically reminiscent of Spinal Tap and Bad News, the Norwegians lads have adopted a certain style, which if you do it right, is going to be the cause of plenty of headshakes and giggles. They are obviously not aware of this since they proclaim to be the real deal... oh my.

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