Friday, February 22, 2013

COMA: "Don't Set Your Dogs On me"

Rating: RR
Label: Edel/Earmusic 2012
Review by: Urban "Wally" Wallstrom
They may not put you in a state of COMA, but unfortunately, the poles don't have too much going for them in my humble opinion. It's all urban metal meets poor man's commerical U.S. rock and rap-metal, the likes of which we've heard so many time before and just recently. Don't get me wrong, they might have improved since last we heard them (see review archive) and as we have stressed so many times before, this is not what we would label as the term of crap metal or crappy musicians. It's just more of the same stuff the Yanks have been force feeding us with ever since the turn of the century. It's like a long and endless celebration of the average American '2000 rocker stuck in a timewarp somewhere in the heart of suburbia, US of A. The songs are neither total crap nor ever good, what it is, is an typical document of average pole and his serach for the American dream and the ultimate average metal album. Well, guess what? This is it, you've found it! The perfect example of so-so music. Don't Set Your Dogs On me?

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