Friday, February 22, 2013


Rating: RR
Label: Mascot 2013
Review by: Urban "Wally" Wallstrom
Rock Candy Funk Party (RCFP from now on) - like a massive curry at the not so respectable indian palace. You're not entirelly sure if you're going to end up completely satisfied or with the terrible runs. At least you can be sure of that your belly will be rather upset no matter what the outcome. Make no mistake... the fever/groove will invade your body and soon your legs will start shaking...

Indeed, RCFP - the brand new instrumential funk/rock/jazz project - featuring the two guitarists: Joe Bonamassa, Ron DeJesus. Bassist: Mike Merritt. Keyboardist: Renato Neto, and drummer/producer: Tal Bergman. Challenging and complex. Nine original compositions that are recorded and arranged in the seventies groove tradition. Eyebrows will turn sideways, up, and down, while you are trying to figure out the dudes strumming some vintage Strato/Telecaster and Gibson Les Paul through their sixties amps.

It's difficult to pin point the sound of "We Want Groove". They have basically decided to bring out the old ghosts out of their pedals and tubes. And as for the actual tracks? Well, I believe that the illusion of many would be shattered if I dared to mention the complete lack of thread and style. It's an awful mish-mash of smooth jazz, funky beats, and a massive groove in the size of seventies sideburns. Kind of boring in the long run and strickly for the spaced out instro freak.

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