Friday, February 22, 2013

DALLAS: "Over The Edge"

Rating: EP
Label: TwoSideMoon 2013
Review by: Urban "Wally" Wallstrom

Who shot J.R.? Dallas are a new melodic rock outfit from Texas? Nope, San Francisco Bay Area - classic homeground and turf of Thrash, Hippies, and various hangarounds. They were however fonded at the Dallas Ranch - high up in the hills of Castro Valley, and their multi-talanted frontman (vocals, guitar, keys, programming, songwriter, producer) goes under the name of Bryan Dallas.

There's a very attractive high energy met catchy hooks charm about the compositions which should definitely appeal to those who have a soft spot for melodic hardrock mixed with power pop sensibilities. It's the rather gloriously fun blend of rock in the style of Def Leppard, Tower City, Winger, and smooth modern pop/rock fond at the background of basically any U.S. tv series of today. In fact, the ultra cool party tune of "Bring The Light" was recently featured on MTV's Underemployed. Wicked!

Their EP and tracks such as "This Love" and "Open Your Heart" - gets you at the solar plexus and leaves you gasping for air. Gorgeous melodic rock with just the right amount of bubblegum and power anthems. "I Close My Eyes", probably the best new power ballad in ages and very true to their eighties influences. Pay extra attention to vocalist Bryan Dallas as you get the full monty with soaring high-screams and Dan Huff-gruff. Great!
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