Wednesday, November 7, 2012

MARILLION: "Sounds That Can't Be Made"

Rating: RRRR
Label: Earmusic 2012
Review by: Martien Koolen

Marillion has always been one of my favourite melodic prog rock bands and they have been written off a couple of times already, but they still prevail and they have been active in the music business for 33 years now! Their albums have not always been to my liking, take for example the rather weak Radiation, Anoraknophobia or, but they always came back with a marvellous album. Marbles and Happiness Is The Road are two of my favourite Marillions albums ever! Now, they return with another very strong album called: Sounds That Can't Me Made and this CD opens with the rather impressive and emotional (listen to the lyrics very carefully) track Gaza. It is a 17 minutes epic, classic Marillion mammoth, with lots of diversity and stunning vocals by Hogarth.

Another highlight is the second longest song called Montreal, and the album ends with another rather long track called The Sky Above The Rain. These three amazing songs are already worth buying this album and that is mainly because of the dazzling guitar solos and melodies of Steve Rothery who adds the extra musical dimension on this album. His guitar solos are so unique and so recognisable and I am glad that he has got more "room" on this album to excel. Invisible Ink and Lucky Man are good rock songs but sadly they are by far not as good as the other songs on this album. The title track, Power and Pour My Love are also typical Marillion songs executed in an excellent way.

All in all I can say - being a Marillion afficianado - that this is one of their best albums in many years. It took 4 years but it was definitely worth the rather long wait. I hope that these guys will go on for a couple of years and release more albums like Sounds That Can't Be Made!!

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