Thursday, November 8, 2012

KAMELOT: "Silverthorn"

Rating: RRRR
Label: SPV/Steamhammer 2012
Review by: Urban "Wally" Wallstrom

Kamelot - the new era! The perfect merriage between two of the greatest melodic progressive metal acts as of lately or the complete disaster? There's no denying that's been favourable towards Seventh Wonder and thus also their lead vocalist Tommy Karevik. Their two latest albums (Mercy Falls, The Great Escape) received highest praise and I've been fortunate enough to follow the band's up's and down's ever since their first demo EP (see archive for reviews). In other words, the Swede, no doubt the perfect choice and replacement for Kahn.

"Silverthorn" have an obvious goth influence, but gives off a feel more like the symphonic masterpiece meets the progressive lite wetdream. Sure, it may take three or four spin before you begin to notice all the excellent guitar and keyboard interludes, and then another few before you're able to take in all the elements of melodic metal. Having said that, it's easily up there with their best album (The Black Halo) and perhaps yet another step up the level of excellence.

Very bombastic, at times stormy as Halle Berry, and the massive choirs will sweep you away on a journey of intensity and outstanding musicality. It's big drama, the epic composition and orchestral metal arrangement. Youngblood and company combine grand gestures with great finess and epic piano passages. "Song For Jolee", manage to bring back the eighties MTV ballad in different light and splendid colour. A couple of minor hickups though. Haven't we heard a very similar melody to "Ashes To Ashes" in the past already?

The concept story tells of a young girl who dies in the arms of her two twin brothers, taking the three siblings' secret to her grave. It's songs about despair, a sense of guilt and the pursuit of truth. The big question, however, would they stumble and fall with the loss of the rather impressive Kahn? The answer? No! Not the slightest... "Silverthorn" is the candidate for melodic metal album of the year. Highly Recommended!

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  1. His name is Roy Khan, not Kahn. :) Maybe you can correct that. ;)