Tuesday, November 6, 2012

LEVANIA: "Parasynthesis"

Rating: RR
Label: Dream Cell 11/Aural 2012
Review by: Urban "Wally" Wallstrom

Hey Little Girl? Not the Aussie hit of the eighties though (Icehouse?) since we're refering to the lead vocalist of Goth Metal act, Levania (apparently 'Moon' in Hebrew). Ehem, and before you start emailing me about pc (political correctness). It's neither sexist nor wrong to remark about vocals in the terms of "little girl" when the singer in question actually sounds like the twelve year old lass. It would however be wrong to refer to all female vocalist as little girls (see the difference - bucko?).

In order to really appreciate "Parasynthesis", you simply need to embrace as well as accept the fragile vocals by their otherwise technical singer Ligeia (Elena Liverani). The album, includes ten original tracks that oozes of gothic romanticsim and tells stories about long gone days and mediterranean ways. It embodies the concept of the moon (worship), destined to become the instrument of the artistic creativity. Beware of the dark side?

Layers upon layers of atmospheric keyboards and the occasional growl, makes this a very melodic affair and merely the hint of aggressive stuff. It's a tad too 'mediterranean' in my humble opinion though. You probably need to appreciate their folk-rock as well as the Gothic stuff to truly get all aspects of "Parasynthesis". Pagan influences and cultural tradition gets in the way of the much needed hook and refrain based material.

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