Wednesday, November 28, 2012

F.M: "Only Foolin' E.P"

Label: Riff City 2012
Review by Alan Holloway

Sometimes I think the term “E.P” isn’t quite understood by F.M. Not that I’m complaining, because this one clocks in at over 50 minutes, nearly as long as their last album! Great music and value for money is always a great combination, so hats off to the boys for not even trying to rip the fans off.

There’s three new tracks here, plus a bunch of live ones, and the three new ones are certainly worth your time. The title track is an upbeat, bouncy song that follows on nicely from the sound established on the “Metropolis” album, full of bounce and melody, crunchy guitars and an underlying Hammond Organ type sound. It’s followed by a similarly upbeat effort, “Rainbows End”, which again wouldn’t have been out of place on the last album. The third new track is actually a cover of “Shot In The Dark”, credited to Ozzy and Phil Sousan, but with Overland hallmarks all over it. But that’s another story, and this is a good version of the song Steve Overland originally sang when he was with Wildlife, two years before Ozzy got his paws on it. It’s been totally F.M’ed up, and is a better song for it, if I’m honest.

Elsewhere we get five live tracks from the last tour, recorded at Shepherd’s Bush and sounding beautiful. It’s a real crowd pleasing section of the show, with “Let Love Be The Leader”, Don’t Stop”, “Does It Feel Like Love”, “Tough It Out” and everyone’s favourite F.M cover and singalong “Hot legs”. Rounding off the E.P is an extended remix of “Only Foolin” that, at nearly eight minutes, is at least a proper job, and will remind people of old 12” singles. It’s fun, if not really necessary.

A perfect stopgap between albums as well as being filled with good music, “Only Foolin” is a must for F.M fans. The new tracks are very worthy, and the live tracks are well performed and recorded. Only foolin’? You’d be a fool to miss out on this.

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