Friday, July 13, 2012

SOLITY: "Booze Blues and Broken Bones"

Rating: RR
Label: Indie 2012
Review by: Urban "Wally" Wallstrom

Solity from Sweden are now releasing their debut album and here's what I thought about their previous EP and I quote, "Solity is a totally solid, but at the same time unreliable and unpredictiable act from Sweden. Steeped in a strange formula and flavours of Thrashy Metal and Radio friendly U.S. Rock, this could either go all the way or straight to the bin", end quote. Well, I did like their "Species 2.0" EP as they turned things around and upside down with quirky hybrid metal.

Unfortunately the long play doesn't quite match up to expectations. Lionmusic did release a couple of albums with a similar sound and I'm mostly thinking about acts such as Mister Kite. Only problem is that you can't give away those albums nowadays and you'll find them in every bin across Sweden. But the Kites were at least flying high for a week or two. Opener "Gunslingers Kiss", doomy metal intro in slow motion before the CD takes off with "Down To The River". In fact, "Booze, Blues and Broken Bones" - it's basically a thrash tech-metal album based on massive riffing and groove. However, Solity are no strangers to eighties sleaze and melodic hardrock.

The EP also showcased a U.S. Rock influence and "Breaking News" sounds like Linkin Park on a date with Dave Mustaine. The riffing is fun and modern but you're not going to spend your summer humming these tunes. The lack of fun choruses are just too much in the end.
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