Saturday, February 11, 2012


Rating: 6/10

Label: Avenue Of Allies 2011

Review by: Urban "Wally" Wallstrom

Blimey, I decided to spin this next after spending hours with the latest Christ Agony CD. Wow! Talk about a shock to the system as they couldn't be further away from each end of this big-old-crazy family we all like to call hard rock and metal. If the afore-mentioned one could the easiest be described as cousin 'it' and should be locked up in the basement during dinner if merely to stop him from scaring the kids, we're now talking to whimsy aunty 'lizard' and her company of pink-dyed brazilian poodles. All jokes aside, it's like a comparison of light and darkness, sweet and sour, and why not enjoy the best of both music(al) worlds?

Okay, neither acts are among the absolute top notch best of their particular genre, it's however nice entertainment for the masses and moment. Paradise Inc, yet another melodic hardrock project fronted by the German vocalist: Carlsten 'Lizard' Schulz (Eveidence One, Domain, Midnite Club). I must say that Schulz's vocal performances are among the best he's ever done and certainly worthy of your attention. The music is far from original, but they've actually managed to squeeze in quite a lot of catchy hooks on record "Time" (heh, record time... nevermind).

You could not have guessed Brazil as their homeland, the foundation of the P-Inc melodies are based upon the first three albums by Bon Jovi. Sepultura, who? Throw in bits and pieces of Firehouse, Roko, Jaded Heart, and you're pretty close to the core of the band. Produced by Paul Logue of Eden's Curse (they've got a nutty singer, they've got a nutty singer!) and mastered by Dennis Ward, expect a rather professional sound and packaging. Extra kudos to Alessandro Del Vecchio for classy ivory/ebony work and any fan of the typical 80s keyboard sound will rejoice in tears of joy. Songs like, "Time (Live and learn)", "Close Your Eyes", "Who's Fooling Who", "I Will Wait", "No More Mistakes", and "Not In Paradise", are all winners in my book. Some truly boring ones inbetween the goodies but overall a neat debut.


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