Wednesday, February 1, 2012

KAISAS: "Unify"

Rating: 6/10

Label: Casket Records 2012

Review by: Urban "Wally" Wallstrom

Kaisas' 'Unify', it's a old skool melodic metal project by guitarist Babis Kaisas from Greece. There's however a twist to the story, a rather profound U.K. connection as the album feature Tony 'Grrrreat' Mills (SHY, TNT) on lead vocals. Add to this a vivid drummer from Brazil (Acacio Carvalho) and it's suddenely a very international project with its sound firmly rooted into the eighties melodic metal scene.

There are no keyboards to be found on this record and the overall style of the project is desperately trying to evoke the period and memories of acts such as Fifth Angel, TNT, Alice Cooper (the 'Kane Roberts' era), MacAlpine (Eyes Of The World) and Queensryche. Okay, their ambition outstretches their ability sometimes, Babis Kaisas just ain't Tony MacAlpine, and his songwriting skill doesn't always impress to say the least. Like, what the heck is the song, "That's Me", all about really? Probably the worst melodic metal refrain in a very long time. Think Alice Cooper 'ala Constrictor - only on dope, lying in the corner, hardly recognizable due to a cascade of hurling stomach content.

Ehem, yeah, it's a strange little metal project where a feeling of being stuck inside a emotional rollercoaster (lots of up's and down's), simply won't let go of your mind. Lacking contemporary followers, Kaisas has gathered a congregration of metal tracks which unfortunately always fall short in comparison to the eighties heydays. When everything is said and done, nothing really stands out... and that's shame, especially since there's not a lot of these type of records anymore. Have a go at this if you absolutely need to have everything with Tony Mills on lead vocals.

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