Saturday, February 11, 2012


Rating: 7/10

Label: Mystic 2012

Review by: Urban "Wally" Wallstrom

Christ, the agony, the agnoy!! Please make the headbanging stop as I simply don't know how much longer my poor neck can take the whiplashing. One of Poland's most recognizable and certainly best "Brutal Metal" acts alongside Vader and Behemoth are now returning with a slow, epic, sounding platter served with the usual blood and darkness. Let me tell you why I enjoy this in favour of most brutal albums out there at the moment. It's simply not all about "speed" and sickening screams/vocals rather than pretty slow and doomy metal with ultra-crunching riffs and vocals that are more 'spooky/talky' than 'screamy'.

Yep, it's definitely the way I prefer my Black-metal and thus why I also enjoy the early albums by Samael. It's obviously not meant to attract the average hard rock listener as it's frankly too disturbing and not to mention underground for most folks. However, I can see why people mostly found of "doom" could possible jump on the Christ Agony train and head for destination: hell. The lyrics are utterly dark and satanic and you'll actually feel right at home.

The band, featuring drummer Inferno (Behemoth) and bassist/vocalist Reyash (Vader, Witchmaster) sits nicely on the black throne of metal in their homeland Poland as they consider themselves emperors of the dark culture. And if you seek an audience with the band, you're better be prepeard to fall to your knees or you shall know the wrath of 10.000's of satanic followers. Ehem, yeah, the hardcore fans believe they are the custodians of a mighty empire and are sure to be completely bonkers. Epic/slow, doomy/black - it's nontheless a vicious attack.

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