Wednesday, February 1, 2012

CRASH STREET KIDS: "Sweet Creatures"

Rating: 8/10

Label: Vanity Music 2012

Review by: Urban "Wally" Wallstrom

Man, I really enjoyed their previous album, "Transatlantic Suicide". In fact, every home should have a copy if you enjoy utterly fun and catchy Glam-Rock. Thus why yours truly at first ended up sort of disappointed by the "Sweet Creatures". Here's the main thing though, it's not bad, it's a friggin' great throw back to the days/daze of Mott The Hoople, Bowie/Ziggy, T-Rex and Cheap Trick. I believe it's simply because I expected them to step up to the plate and hit a perfect homerun this time (a perfect ten as I gave them a strong nine rating last time).

So, it's perhaps a teeny-weeny step back in my opinion (since their last effort), but it's still miles ahead of most releases today and it'll send good shivers down your spine. Ryan McKay is the ultimate leader and the hallmark of Bolan and Hunter is always at his side, and he is always wearing the robe of Glam-Rock with both pride and honor. His skin has taken on a sparkle of glitter and has formed his singing voice in the tradition of the old masters. Basically, everything is utterly professional done and executed and most importantly, they have catchy material to back things up. Originals, they are not, but definitely the second best thing, excellent performers and top notch musicians of their genre.

Elvis Costello might even call them up for a chat regarding the refrain on "Sad Julia", but it's been nicely done in a glammy fashion. It's almost like if the Crash Street Kids (obviously from the Mott The Hoople's) are one of the last survivors of the old glam-hearted cult that founded the scene centuries ago. It's fun, energic music, caught up in a timewarp with all the young dudes and whizz kids (sucker). Recommended!

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