Wednesday, February 1, 2012

ERASE: "May I Sin"

Rating: 3/10

Label: Buil2Kill 2011

Review by: Urban "Wally" Wallstrom

May I sin? the young woman on the cover nicely ask while blowing yet another bubble of c... gum? Sure, you go ahead as long as you keep us all posted on various strange subjects such as 'beaver' and 'headlights'. Ehem, on a slightly more serious note, Erase, the sadly all-male Italian cross-over act are creating a fusion of metalcore, deathcore, rock and poppy industrial on their first full-lenght album. Their music however is actually like a permanent illusion that disquises a rather horrible truth.

'May I Sin' is in fact bland with a capitol B. The grunts vs. clean voice approach, could not have been more annoying if we had been invited inside for some tea and cake. However, if you accept their house invitation (let them have cake!), Erase will slowly proceed you through many and small rooms absolutely cluttered with pseudo-metal nonsense. Lyrics such as: "Open up the door and I will find my way to you. Look behind your back and see my trembling hands", only make things worse really as you can't help thinking about the Deliverance scene aka 'scream like a pig'.

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