Friday, July 22, 2011


Rating: 5/10

Label: Spinefarm 2011

Review by: Urban "Wally" Wallstrom

"Gloria, Gloria" - the word(s) echoes around in my head for a couple of minute only to vanish just as quickly. You can not do anything but agree with folks saying it's "modern psychedelic pop rock" inspired by the late sixties groove and quirky acid acts of the very early seventies. Sadly I'm known as the "hippie hating reviewer" (as well as tosser by many I'm sure) and I can't stand listening to any band's album where you need hallucinogenics to even begin to appreciate the content of their music.

Reading the glowing 'Classic Rock Magazine' review of this very album (yeah, this should have been 'up' weeks ago), you'd think it's an album in the style of Led Zeppelin vs. Yes, Pink Floyd, and lovely music ocure. Now, I'm actually a major fan of Pink Floyd (seriously!!!) and Led Zep did a couple of cool tunes too. This on the other hand is more in the style of Plysh/Kraut/India/Psychedelia and according to this reviewer - the root of all evil (music-wise). Narrow-minded? Well, not really, since I enjoy everything from basic 'Pop, rock, blues, complex prog/math, thrash/speed, grunge, R&B, sleaze, glam, heavy metal, funk, goth, 80s new wave, alternative, romantic, brit-pop, synth, classic, etc, etc, etc. it's easier to name the styles I don't like. This being one of few and I guess we simply do not have any "acid" lover onboard the ship aka RockUnited.

"Stars Aligned" debuted at #1 in the Finnish National Charts??? Holy crap!!! I'm stunned and amazed. It's also been mentioned that they sound like "Foo Fighters playing Pink Floyd’s greatest hits after spending years in India singing Beach Boys". Or that it's a mish-mash of "Queen, Beatles, and Beach Boys melodies". Geez, what are they smoking?? I can't hear much of the greatness of any of these acts as they had great songs in the package. And that's basically what the Von Hertzen Brothers guys are missing - great everlasting songs.

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