Monday, July 25, 2011

FULL TURNOUT: "Adversity"

Rating: 6/10

Label: TSM/SLW 2011

Review by: Urban "Wally" Wallstrom

Rock vocals fronting melodic guitar driven songs, with a sound that crosses Linkin Park, Radiohead and Pink Floyd and will leave you singing everytime?? I don't know, me thinks these guys sound an awful lot like one of those lame acts from my homeland, namely: Takida. Pretty harmless but appearantly also pretty successful rock as every Takida album sits firmly at the number one album selling spot in Sweden. Okay, Full Turnout may lean a little bit towards the style of Linkin Park, but seriously, Pink Floyd???? I honestly can't find a single shred of evidence pointing at anything even remotely close to the old geezers of prog rock.

When I think about it, you can leave out any Radiohead connection too, perhaps add a hint of Green Day, this is strickly commercial radio rock of today, only not quite as professional executed as the major acts. Going through the lyrics, you'll find typical power-pop material, like this particular piece from "In My Car" and I quote, "Laughing, singing, crank it up my ears aren't ringing now, and life is better in my car. Life is better here with you", end quote. "Hold On" is a great, but oh-so Green Day-ish ballad and "If I Were You" will have any Linkin Park fan in tears of joy???

I'm still not sure if I should enjoy this and not because it's not "cool" to like Takida or Linkin Park rock. Nope, it's more the voice of reason when it comes to "original" and thoughtworthy material. Ehem, another thing, looking at the band pic, these guys look more in their 40's than 20's? It sure as hell doesn't matter to me, but what about the average record buyer? And frankly, this good vocals, nice musicians, Canadian act still sound ten-times better than any similar act from Sweden (read: Takida). In the end, "Adversity" is okay, it's just not very original...

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