Monday, July 18, 2011


Rating: 5/10

Endless Main 2011

Review by Kimmo Toivonen

Oh well. I could sum this album in a few words: "Average power metal, average vocalist", but I guess I should be more elaborate. Ok. This is a 6-track album. Plus an intro, no power metal album would not be complete without a pompous intro. Out of the six tracks, five of them are driven by a typical frantic power metal beat, meaning that the drummer's gotta work hard for his money (?)... The remaining one is a more of a midtempo track. Fear not, parts of it do allow the drummer to do his thing, which is to tap his feet furiously, godknowshowmany beats per minute.

The keyboards add a little colour to the otherwise samey material, and some of the melodies are actually quite decent. Unfortunately the band's singer doesn't really have the voice to carry them. His lower register is rough and raspy, while his higher register is thin as paper. Not good. The "accapella" intro of "Only Once" shows his limitations rather painfully. Quite painful is also the following song "Revenge", which sees the band flirting with more extreme sounds. The Cookie Monster Growl in the chorus is pretty ridiculous.

I'd recommend this album to the fans of early Helloween and Stratovarius, the music isn't too bad but don't expect soaring vocals á la Kotipelto or Kiske. Not even Kai Hansen.


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