Tuesday, July 26, 2011

FURY: "Fury EP""

Rating: N/A

Label: No Label

Review by Alan Holloway

Let me start by saying, I would have loved Fury when I was a teenager. The 80’s was a time of riffs, more riffs and a few more riffs on top of that, rounded off by widdly guitar solos and over use of the word “metal”. Now, some things that I liked back then have certainly lost their special place in my heart, such as most NWOBHM bands, Iron Maiden (so dull lately) and Dangermouse, to name a few. By rights, the chest beating retro power metal of Fury shouldn’t really excite me, and certainly shouldn’t have me making metal signs at the cat… but it does.

Not to be confused with Fury UK, another British old school metal band, this EP is the first recorded effort from Fury, and it’s scarily impressive for such a new band. The five tracks clock in at just over 25 minutes, with each song never outstaying it’s welcome, despite seemingly being stuffed with riffage and widdling that would please most Dragonforce fans. Vocalist Julian Jenkins manages to keep a good tune whilst also playing guitar, with Joel Peters picking up the slack, although it’s not clear whether the solos are shared or the work of one man. Either way, they’re fast and furious, without sacrificing melody, which is how ut should be.

In the end, this is a very promising debut EP from some obviously talented musicians. It’s nothing groundbreaking, but for what it is, it is very enjoyable. Old school maybe, but Fury could certainly teach a few people some new tricks.

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