Wednesday, July 6, 2011

PAUL SABU: "Call Of The WIld"

Rating: N/A

Label: Z Records 2011

Review by Alan Holloway

Right. Everyone knows about Paul Sabu, don’t they? Everyone but me, anyway. I know the name but couldn’t hum you any songs, and I’m sure I bought the Alexa album back in the 80s which he had something to do with. That’s sort of all I know, or at least until this week, when this retrospective slotted into my CD player and blew my mind.

Sabu is now signed to Z Records, and in anticipation of his next album, they have cobbled together this 16 track best of compilation, remixed and generally tarted around with, and I now feel like a total tool for not having heard, well, any of these tracks before. Actually, at Z Rock this year I did ask label boss Mark Alger what the great music playing between bands was, and he looked at me like I was mental for not knowing it was Paul Sabu. A month later, I’m grateful to hear the full CD, as it’s an absolute belter. Sabu has a natural rock voice, with hints of Stan Bush and Coverdale, and the tracks are as melodic and bombastic as you will ever have heard. After just two tracks (“Angeline” and “Just Ask”) I was well and truly hooked. This is Classic Rock, ladies and gents, at it’s best.

If, like me, you’ve never dabbled in Sabu, you need this album. Seriously, just get it at any cost, because it will instantly become a favourite. If you are an existing fan it’s still a great compilation with plenty of tracks. With this and If Only’s release I’ really being spoiled this week in the retro stakes, and I love it. No mark for compilations, but trust me when I say this is a slice of pure AOR heaven.


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