Sunday, May 8, 2011

WARRANT: "Rockaholic"

Rating: 8/10

Label: Frontiers 2011

Review by Alan Holloway

Love them or hate the, it’s hard not to get a big grin on your face when “Cherry Pie” comes over the speakers, and for that, if nothing else, Warrant will always have a special place in my heart. They came, they went, they came back, then they went again, and now they’re back yet again, this time with ex Lynch Mob man Robert Mason on vocals, and what a good choice he’s turned out to be.

Like current labelmates Black n Blue (whose own vocalist, Jamie St James, was with Warrant on their last comeback attempt), Warrant have stripped everything back to the core, revelling in the chance to make an album that celebrates everything that they used to be about, without any attempt at modern day relevance. It’s a breath of 25 year old fresh air, to be honest, because everybody needs to kick back and just rock sometimes, without having to pay too much attention. The opening salvo of “Sex Ain’t Love” , “Innocence Gone” and “Sanke” should please any Warrant fan, and following it up with the rougher, gritty “Dusty’s Revenge” is a masterstroke of tracklisting - it’s good to know people still think about this shit. Mason has fitted in perfectly, and hopefully he can do the live stuff equally well, with the rest of the band as tight as you’d expect for guys who have been together (on and off ) for nearly 25 years.

“Rockaholic” is the antidote, thankfully, to po faced rock music, which is precisely what Warrant should be. Sure, it’s not going to change music, but who the hell wants it to. Let Nightwish and various European tech-heads write the epics - Warrant are here to party. Plenty of kick ass rock tracks and even a good ballad (“Home”), this is an album for the old you, the one who had patches on his jacket and an air guitar, so let him out to play and make the most of the sunshine.


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