Tuesday, May 31, 2011

MOLLY HATCHET: "Greatest Hits II" (2)

Rating: Compilation

Label: SPV/Steamhammer 2011

Review by Urban "Wally" Wallstrom

Molly Hatchet - the name comes from 17th century Salem where the legendary lady would behead her lovers with the hand-tool (axe, goddamnit, axe!) made famous by Lizzy Borden (what? yet another metal band???). The Southern Rock band has been around for almost as long as they recorded their debut in 1978. They're sort of the natural process of bands such as The Allman Borthers and Lynyrd Skynyrd and as the imaginative title would suggest, this is a compilation album as well as their "Greatest Hits II".

It's a 2CD set where disc one hold 14 tracks from the SPV/Steamhammer albums: 'Devils Canyon', 'Silent Reign Of Heaven', 'Kingdom of XII', 'Warriors of the Rainbow Bridge' and 'Jusitice'. Disc two hold 8 live tracks from 'Locked and Loaded' [Bounty Hunter, Gator County, Edge of Sundown, Whiskey Man, Beatin' The Odds, Dreams I'll Never See, The Creeper, Flirtin' With Disaster] and the previously unreleased studio track, "Sacred Ground". Obviously inspired by the native Americans the new song kickoff things with typical "tribal/indian" drums and 'soaring eagle', ehem, guitarwork by Ingram/Hlubek. 'Woah-ooh' vocals in the background (sadly no 'hoka-heys' though) and a stomping beat makes this a interesting track if anything (would that be a howling wolf at the end of the song???).

It's difficult to say if this is the true definition of a Molly Hatchet' "Greatest Hits II". I guess it's always down to personal taste and you may or may not agree with the A&R responsible for tracklisting. The two pages liner notes by Bobby Ingram doesn't speak about the actual material rather than about the 'band', 'family', and how good life is when you're out and about with the fans. It's the perfect introduction of the "newer" material and a nice present to the beginner though.


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